Rutu Samai, Lucas Han, Ishan Pandey


4 weeks: March 2019
CSC 484 - User Centered Interfaces - Design and Development Design a product that uses Nvidia's new age regression software.

My Role

UX Designer

  • Created Key Persona: Natalie West
  • Designed screens in Sketch
  • Made interactive prototype in InVision
  • Edited video using Animaker and iMovie



People want to keep their skin healthy and youthful, but they might not have the time to go to their dermatologist or research 100s of over the counter drugs and walk through pharmacy aisles. Also, people can't effectively assess how a medication is working for them, especially when external factors and changes happen in their lifestyle.


People who want effective, personalized skin care, but may not have the time or resources to find the right products.


Using a face scan, lifestyle habits and medical information, and an advanced AI, Glo. ships users a personalized Glo Kit to their home. This is a box with appropriate products and a routine to enchance their skin. Monthly face scans will reasses the user and dynamically change the recommended products, if necessary.

Key Partners

  • Partner Drug companies will provide data on their skin care products and sell them in our Glo Kits.
  • Partner Dermatologists can give prescriptions by analyzing the users profiles online.

Key Persona




When the InVision demo started playing on the projector in front of the whole class, I gasped and my stomach sank in utter disappointment because white on mint turned out to be a terrible choice.

On my Retina display screen, the colors showed up beautifully and I could easily see the menu options or buttons with white on mint, but the dim resolution of the projector screen, fleuresecent lighting, and far distance of a classroom setting made the UI very difficult to grasp. Moving forward, I will put more energy into Accessibility and Color Testing.

Even if you make a perfect, objectively correct or aesthetic product, it doesn’t matter if the presenting environment doesn’t match your testing environment. There are so many external factors designers must proactively identify and cater towards.

At first, I wanted to complain and pitied myself because I pulled an all nighter to perfect a color palette, switching the shades by 2 Hex values several times, and no one could appreciate it. But looking back, I’m so happy I witnessed this in a lower stakes environment and won’t make that mistake again.
Pitch videos are an amazing way to connect the dots between the product/deliverables and the end user’s onboarding and journey. Writing a script to entice a customer, explain their problems, and why Glo. is the absolute next thing they need to purchase made me think beyond the scope of the research and UI. It allowed me to step into the customer’s shoes, play devil’s advocate, and have a new perspective on how the app could improve and beat competition. For example, we had the key persona of Natalie, the consultant, on paper.

But through the video, I created and animated a story that invoked her childhood insecurity of acne and how Glo. made her self-confidence blossom.

In the workforce, you’re often given a task from a PM or similar and might not have much say in the business model, marketing, or negative consequences.

I believe it’s critical for designers to think deeply about these aspects in order to make an emotionally impactful and habit-forming product made by and for everyday humans.